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Therapy for PTSD

An important part of understanding PTSD is to understand how trauma creates distortions in the way we perceive the world. Most of the time people think something is deeply wrong with them, when in reality they are just experiencing trauma and/or PTSD.

Post-traumatic stress disorder can happen while witnessing an accident, natural disasters, or shocking and scary events. But it can also occur from emotional attachments and relationships. This can lead to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or addictions.

In order to heal any kind of addiction or maladaptive behavior pattern, root traumas must be addressed.

Treating PTSD involves embodiment work, helping people get back to their bodies, and develop healthy boundaries. Using light and somatic work in these circumstances is incredibly helpful.

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"It is my central mission to help others heal themselves, teach them to develop a healing relationship with their bodies, and ground themselves in the truth that we already have everything we need inside of ourselves to live healthy and productive lives."

Amber Rickert, LCSW, MPH