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Therapy for Developmental Trauma

Developmental trauma is trauma that has occurred during the foundational years of our childhood. At its root, it’s trauma that has been transmitted through our caregivers. People can develop it from abuse or neglect, or simply from having unavailable caregivers.

Many people with developmental trauma are unaware that their distress is rooted in this phenomenon because suffering from neglect for a number of years creates a tendency to neglect the self and acknowledge what one’s truest needs actually are.

This work requires commitment, patience, and compassion. I help guide you both to an understanding of how developmental trauma works and also how to heal from it. The reward from walking the path of healing from developmental trauma is a life that feels powerfully fulfilling and deeply connected to one’s truest purpose.

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"It is my central mission to help others heal themselves, teach them to develop a healing relationship with their bodies, and ground themselves in the truth that we already have everything we need inside of ourselves to live healthy and productive lives."

Amber Rickert, LCSW, MPH