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Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT)

Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT) utilizes the full spectrum of visible light (RGB) to work with very distressing emotions that seem to have a deep hold on us and create maladaptive patterns.

In ETT, the therapist controls the way the light enters the eye and helps to address long-held, very deeply woven thought patterns and emotions that create distress and release them almost simultaneously. The processing of the distress and the release of it can come almost simultaneously with ETT

Light enables access to our memories and emotions, much more quickly than talking alone, because of the way the human brain responds to light. Humans are incredibly responsive to light and color as evidenced by even the change of the seasons and how we feel at different times of the year.

The work of ETT must be experienced in order to be completely understood.

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"It is my central mission to help others heal themselves, teach them to develop a healing relationship with their bodies, and ground themselves in the truth that we already have everything we need inside of ourselves to live healthy and productive lives."

Amber Rickert, LCSW, MPH