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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a very special, intimate process in which we build a relationship unlike any other. The relationship we create together is a vehicle for healing in your life.

In this sense I see myself as a guide in helping you navigate the challenges of your life and becoming a better version of yourself. This includes being better to yourself as well as the people around you. The dynamics of our relationship will help you build better bonds with others too.

Over time, you feel comfortable to fully express yourself and explore all your most deeply rooted emotions, both “positive” and “negative”, while at the same time feeling safe and accepted.

I place emphasis on the importance of relationship as a healing vehicle because attachments form our worldview. The therapeutic relationship is a mirror of your orientation to the rest of the world.

You are welcome to a free 20 minute consultation with me.

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"It is my central mission to help others heal themselves, teach them to develop a healing relationship with their bodies, and ground themselves in the truth that we already have everything we need inside of ourselves to live healthy and productive lives."

Amber Rickert, LCSW, MPH